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What is eCLIP?

Enhanced CrossLinking and Immunoprecipitation (eCLIP), followed by high-throughput sequencing (eCLIP-seq), is a methodology for identifying RNA transcripts bound in vivo by a protein of interest.

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What proteins can be assayed by eCLIP?

To perform eCLIP for a protein of interest, all that is needed is an antibody that can successfully immunoprecipitate the desired protein. We have a pre-validated list of antibodies for 150 proteins, and can provide validation services for additional or custom antibodies.

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What biological samples
can be assayed with eCLIP?

eCLIP can be performed in a wide variety of biological materials, including immortalized cell lines (e.g. HEK293T, K562, HepG2), stem cell and differentiated populations (e.g. ES and IPSC cells, differentiated neuronal precursor cells or neurons) and tissues or organisms (including mouse and human tissues, C. elegans, and more).

Model Organisms

Cell Lines

Human & Mouse Tissue

How can I get additional information?

Download our fact sheet to learn more about Eclipse Bio’s eCLIP-seq services, and contact us below for additional information and pricing for eCLIP services

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The eCLIP technology was developed by Professor Gene Yeo’s lab at UCSD. Read the eCLIP paper published in Nature Methods to learn more.

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